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Leaf Maintenance

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 Leaf maintenance is a method of grinding up the leaves in to small pieces so they can decompose in the lawn.

Starting in late October / early November we put mulching kits on our commercial lawn mowers .  We charge an extra $15 per service over our regular mowing fee to mulch up the leaves in the lawn.

We start by blowing any leaves out of the street and at the curb .  Then we preform our regular mowing and trimming service .  We also ride around the lawn several times to mulch up the leaves .

Usually it takes one or two of these services before the final clean up .

The final clean up starts with blowing out all the leaves in the garden beds and around the house .  We blow the leaves in to the lawn where the mulching mowers grind them in to little pieces .

Finally we put a bagger on the mower and vacuum up all the remaining small pieces .   This process GREATLY reduces the number of bags at the curb and in to the landfill .


Jeff Thomas   Murrells Inlet ,South Carolina